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NIL changes will immediately impact these core areas of college athletics.  We provide comprehensive + customized solutions to help your institution address them.

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education + Compliance


Rapidly developing NIL rules will create new, complex, and potentially hidden NCAA and legal compliance risks for coaches, administrators, boosters & athletes.


Best-in-class NIL education from top experts in all related areas including higher education, college athletics, branding, administration, compliance and NIL commercialization.




NIL rules will shift booster and donor money from supporting school fundraising goals to supporting individual student-athlete deals.


Provide donors an opportunity to fund a state-of-the-art NIL program that enhances student-athlete education, helps student-athletes maximize their NIL revenue, and attracts recruits who are looking to build their brands.

Shaking Hands



Student-athletes will be approached by marketing representatives, agents & potentially other third parties for commercial representation without oversight or guidance to help navigate the good from the bad. 


Experienced outsourced guidance through an extended network of nationally-known sports business executives, vetting all third parties entering space for athletes at a specific school & providing guidance to student-athletes.

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Student-athletes will look to maximize their NIL opportunities, but coaches will have to understand and effectively communicate the role that the institutions can and cannot play.


Best-in-class NIL education with in-person + digital tools, 24/7 deal guidance, externships at Fortune 500 companies + mentorship programs to help athletes succeed while remaining compliant with new NIL rules.



What Is Name, Image, and Likeness?

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) are three elements that make up your “right of publicity,” consisting of your name, your image, and your likeness (nicknames, photographs, other identifiable traits). NIL activities include autograph signings, personal appearances, social media endorsements, and promotion of businesses, products, and services. 23 states have passed laws allowing student-athletes to commercialize their NIL, many others have draft bills before their legislatures, the NCAA has proposed regulations, and the federal government is working on national legislation.

Who Is Altius Sports Partners?

ASP leadership consists of CEO Casey Schwab, founding partners David Carter and John Entz, Educational Consultant Gabe Feldman, and nationally-recognized, industry-leading advisors Oliver Luck, Jessica Mendoza, Kenneth Shropshire, Jené Elzie, Malcolm Turner, Michael O'Hara Lynch, and Renie Anderson.


The ASP team brings together experts in sports business, sports law, college sports administration, education, marketing, branding, coaching, NCAA compliance and NIL. Collectively, our team has worked with dozens of sports organizations, including the NFLPA, NFL, NCAA, FOX Sports, ESPN, NBA, XFL, MLS, Olympic and Paralympic Games, Wasserman, and universities across the country.

What Does Altius Sports Partners Do?

Through consulting, strategic planning, compliance support and education, we support all stakeholders – athletic departments, coaches and student-athletes – with the resources they need to thrive in this new age of college athletics.

What Type of Clients Does Altius Sports Partners Serve?

Any organization that interacts with student-athletes must be fluent in NIL. ASP serves those impacted by NIL, including, but not limited to colleges and universities and their key stakeholders as they navigate the upcoming changes to rules and related NCAA legislation. These stakeholders include athletic department staff and coaches, compliance directors, school officials, student-athletes, and external parties such as sponsors and boosters.

What Types of Services Does Altius Sports Partners Provide?

ASP uses a 3-phased approach for the needs of colleges and universities as NIL rules develop. The phases include: (1) engagement and preparation through critical analyses of school-specific NIL threats and opportunities as well as educational plans for coaches and staff; (2) building a comprehensive educational program for student-athletes that will help them navigate the rapidly evolving NIL landscape; and (3) ongoing oversight of the NIL program through the use of technology to educate and guide student-athletes, as well as continued strategic guidance at the institutional level.

Does Altius Sports Partners Work With Student-Athletes?

ASP works with institutions to offer education programs for student-athletes around NIL, branding, financial literacy, risks associated with marketing reps and agents, and NIL-related opportunities. When the rules go live, ASP will serve as a resource for athletic department staffs and athletes in navigating the complexities of NIL.

Why Does My School Need Altius Sports Partners?

NIL rules changes will be the most significant changes we see in college sports in our lifetimes. Every collegiate athletic department will need to have a plan in place to deal with the impacts of NIL.


Whether implementation comes in the form of a state-by-state patchwork, NCAA regulation, or Federal framework, NIL will soon be a reality for everyone involved in collegiate athletics. ASP is here to prepare you for this eventuality and ensure that you and your staff are well-versed on what NIL means for your school, athletes, and external partners once this new era begins.

How Soon Do I Have To Worry About NIL Becoming Real?

Now. Proposed NCAA legislation was scheduled to take effect in August 2021.  23 states have already enacted NIL laws, which will allow student-athletes in that state to receive compensation for their NIL. Seven of those state laws (FL, GA, MS, AL, NM, TX, IL) will take effect on July 1, 2021. Nearly 20 other states are considering their own legislation. Congress is also actively looking at this issue. Change is here.

How Much Does ASP Charge For Its Services?

Our program and curriculum are unique to each client. We provide comprehensive services to educate your school and stakeholders on NIL. We can work with you to determine your needs and an appropriate price specific to the services we will provide.

Where Can I Learn More?

You can request more info here.