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The Year of NIL

2021 is the Year of NIL. Are you and your athletic department ready?

We’re a few months away from Name, Image, and Likeness rules changes taking effect across the country. It is vital for athletic department staffs and coaches to prepare for the impending new landscape. Every athletic department in the country should consider the following questions about how new NIL regulations will impact their department, coaches, and student-athletes.

How will NIL rule changes...

  • Limit or prohibit conflicting or existing sponsors?

  • Permit or prohibit booster involvement in NIL deals?

  • Influence fundraising goals and projections for the department?

  • Impact recruiting?

  • Restrict or prohibit involvement of corporate partners, media rights holders, independent contractors and more?

  • Change the department’s ability to use student-athlete NIL and control the use of university/athletic department trademarks and other intellectual property?

  • Impact the overall education of student-athletes, staff, and third parties in addition to the content of compliance manuals?

  • Affect scholarship amounts or other financial aid?

  • Change the role of agents and their involvement with student-athletes?

  • Shape educational, internship, or employment opportunities?

  • Expand local market opportunities?

  • Alter Olympic sports, fundraising, Title IX, and emerging areas such as esports, sports betting, and performance and biometric data commercialization?

  • Impact student-athlete welfare and relationships with coaches in addition to team dynamics?

NIL is bringing widespread changes to the collegiate sports landscape in 2021. Contact our team of experts to learn more and ensure your athletic department is prepared to lead the way in NIL.

Request more information: admin@altiussp.com

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